eCommerce Consulting & Sales

Our services of supporting our customers essentially include the following points:

  • Placement of the manufacturer’s offer with resellers and distributors in combination with the development of channel management.
  • Implementation of targeted online marketing campaigns,
  • Public Relations and
  • Selection of online shop technology

The services of living-C have a modular structure in the field of eCommerce consulting or commercial representation and can be offered individually or as a complete package. The customer thus has the opportunity to receive an offer tailored to his needs.

Software and hardware distribution/reselling

living-C supports software and hardware manufacturers and retailers in the logistical processing and distribution of software via the Internet. In addition to fulfilling customer requirements for an external online shop solution, living-C offers the possibility of digital logistics (ESD) with all its advantages and, as an important component, channel management, i.e. the development of sales markets in wholesale and intermediary trade.

If you do not have the broad contacts to the sales channels as we do, do not have your own resources to set up and operate a technologically advanced online shop, or don’t have the necessary core competence in online marketing – then we are the right contact. This applies to small to medium-sized German software and hardware companies and in particular to medium-sized, foreign software and hardware companies that dominate their own markets, but lack the necessary knowledge to enter international markets. With the flexible solutions from living-C and the short decision-making processes, these demands can be implemented quickly.

The comprehensive solution is completed by the existing distribution and reselling channel to the leading main and specialist distributors and online resellers, as well as in a further step the channel management with the specialist dealers.

What is this charge from living-c on my Credit/Debit card/Paypal/Bank statement?

living-C is an eCommerce partner for multiple organisations who sell software or digital licenses. If you see a charge from us on your account statement, it is likely either for software you purchased or a renewal of an existing subscription.

With every charge we send a confirmation mail containing the complete order information. If you have not received this email, please look for the receipt in your spam folder or contact us at: